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2022 Chevrolet Colorado – Affordable Mid-Size Pickup for All

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In the pickup truck segment, Chevrolet has launched several vehicles for different activities; so that people can buy one accordingly.If an individual is looking for an affordable mid-size pickup, then there is no better option than the reasonably priced 2022 Chevrolet Colorado.

Have a look at the trims available and their prices before you determine which would be ideal for you to purchase when in Spruce Pine Chevrolet dealer. So, take a look at trims available and prices first and then go through its powertrain, and other details.

Models of 2022 Chevy Colorado and their prices

Chevy has kept things simple for 2022 Colorado. It comes in just four variants, where the entry-level trim is Work Truck that costs $30,591. LT version costs $33,095, Z71 is priced at $35,996 and lastly, ZR2 comes in $43,795.

This is a popular truck that people use nowadays. However, for individuals that are confused as to which would suit them most, then checking for trims that would fulfill one’s requirements is the way to go. Buying either the Z71 or ZR2 is ideal because it comes with a powerful engine, ample towing ability, and can be used for completing any task that a person has to do.

Such reasonable pricing along with different variants showcase that there is no better mid-size pickup than the 2022 Colorado. However, if you are still confused, then check out powertrains available and it will help in determining, which is more suitable!

Engine details

Engine choices available makes it a suitable choice for every driver. These choices includea four-cylinder as a base option paired with automatic 6-speed, V6 3.6L couples with automatic 8-speed that produces 308 ponies, and a diesel version of 2.8L that is known for its remarkable torque of 369 lb-ft.

Most people just choose either the diesel variant or V6 model and skip the base engine to ensure that their vehicle has ample power and torque to get them through any task. Though the V6 engine is quite faster than the diesel, the latter is known for fuel efficiency, best towing capacity, trekking aspects, and more.

The diesel trim can tow 7700 lbs, while V6 engine can tow 7000 pounds; however, both models will require being equipped with Trailering Equipment option. The base model can tow 3500 pounds and all trims come with standard Trailer Sway controlling feature. If you want to know more about these dealer-installed packages, then consult Chevrolet Spruce Pine dealership today!

Due to the available powertrainsand affordable price, 2022 Chevy Colorado is a pickup for all. From excess towing to backcountry trekking, using it as work truck or personal use; Chevy Colorado fits all jobs and performs flawlessly. This is why it is one of the best-selling mid-size pickups that people can easily get their hands on.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable truck, then none is better than the 2022 Chevrolet Colorado.Simply walk into a dealership, test drive a variant and ask the salesperson to start on the paperwork as you will not miss the chance of nabbing this amazing pickup.

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