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Arlo Camera Stopped Working?

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If your Arlo camera stopped working all of sudden, there is nothing to get worried! Yes, you read it right! This is the common issue that 9 out of 10 user experience daily. And, you know – because of this error – they are unable to do myarlo.com for Arlo login.

Don’t worry! We have got you covered! Here, you will find the topmost hacks that will help you make your Arlo security camera up and running in minutes. Let’s get started!

[Fixed] Arlo Camera Not Working

Your Arlo camera will start working for you shortly. Follow the hacks highlighted below and get ready to make the most out of your Arlo.

Check Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is poor, then also your Arlo security camera may not work for you. To make it working – what you have to do – call your ISP and confirm if everything is fine from his end. But, if you find that your internet service provider is the culprit behind providing you no internet connectivity, then you must ask him to get it fixed as soon and possible.

In case your internet connection is working absolutely fine and your Arlo camera is still not working, then you must apply the next hack in line.

Check Connection

Your Arlo camera will not work for you if you haven’t connected it to your internet router. So, what you have to do – kindly ensure a proper connection between the Arlo security camera and your WiFi router.

Verify the Placement

Your Arlo security camera must be placed within range and reach of the router. Remember that, if Arlo and router are placed at a distance – they will have issues communicating with each other – resulting in Arlo camera stopped working suddenly issue.

Change the Location

You must consider changing the location of your Arlo camera and WiFi router both. The reason is, maybe there are interference-creating obstructions placed in the path of the devices and giving them issues while communicating. So, what you have to do – just change their location. Or, if you find this daunting task, just change the location of the obstructions.

Update Firmware

You can try updating the firmware of your Arlo camera and WiFi router both. Yes! Because of outdated firmware – your devices will not work as per expectations. Neither the outdated firmware will allow the Arlo device to work properly.

For updating Arlo’s firmware, sign in to Arlo secure app via Arlo login credentials, and follow the instructions to update the camera’ firmware. And, for updating your router’s firmware, call your ISP right away.

Sync Your Arlo and the Base Station

You can use Arlo app to connect Arlo and the Base Station Directly. if you don’t want to use the app for syncing the Arlo and the base station, then sync them manually. How? Just place Arlo and the base station closer. Thereafter, press the sync button on your Arlo. The LED on the front panel of your Arlo will start blinking. In a minute or two, your base station and the Arlo camera will get synced.

Restart Your Arlo

If the troubleshooting hacks don’t prove helpful to you, then we suggest you restart your Arlo. It is because of technical glitches that you are having issues makin the most out of it. So, power off your Arlo camera – wait for 10 minutes, and then – power it on back again.

Using the same instructions outlined above – we suggest you restart your internet router as well. And, once you are done restarting it, reconnect it to your Arlo security camera.

We hope that the hacks we have listed above will help you get rid of Arlo camera stopped working suddenly issue.

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