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Now Configure Your Linksys Extender Hassle-Free!

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In this contemporary era, Linksys provides mind-blowing network devices. With the assistance of Linksys devices people enjoy high-speed internet without any issues. However, when some people do not get the internet signals from one room to another room then they experience problems. So, in this case, you can use the Linksys extender which can be a useful device to enhance the existing WiFi signal throughout the home. In this post, we are going to tell you about the Linksys extender setup because this information will assist you to get the Linksys extender configuration successful. We suggest you read the post from up to down to avoid the inaccuracy between the Linksys extender setup.

Well, before we start the process of extender setup, we would like you to get ready some necessary things because by doing this you can easily perform the extender setup.

Important Needs of Linksys Extender Setup

There are multiple requirements that you need to prepare first. All the essential needs will be outlined below. You just need to walk through them and keep them in mind during the Linksys extender configuration.

  • Power socket with stable electricity

  • Good speed of internet network

  • Great connection between the router and extender

  • A quality Ethernet cable

  • Note down the default credentials along with the web address

  • Updated internet browser

  • You should know your WiFi name

Thus, these are the important needs for the extender setup that you need during the installation of the extender. Now, let’s tell you the process of Linksys extender setup in detail. The information will be elaborated in the next section. Keep reading

Configuration of Linksys Extender

To your knowledge, there are two dominant methods that we are going to tell you. The names of the methods are the Manual method and the Linksys application. These methods are very easy to perform. We first start with the Linksys application.

Linksys Extender Setup Via Linksys App

You can set up your extender in your home through the Linksys application. In this method, you don’t need to get access to http://extender.linksys.com default web address. You just need to have the Linksys application in your smart phone.

Follow these steps to configure the extender through the application:

  • First, you need to get your smart phone in your hand.

  • Unlock it

  • Launch the application store on your smart phone.

Note: If you are an Android user then you need to open the Google Play Store on your device and if you are an iOS user then you need to launch the Apple app store.

  • Once you did the above steps, search the Linksys application in the App Store of your phone.

  • After the search, you will see the results on your display in which you need to find out the application.

  • Put the application on downloading and install it successfully on your smart phone.

  • Thereafter, launch the application into the phone and create the account in the app by giving the asked details.

  • Now, you will see the Linksys range extender wizard setup.

  • You need to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

That’s it, now your extender is connected with the host router and you will get the internet network anywhere in your home hassle-free.

However, in case you are not able to configure your extender via the Linksys application then you can perform the manual method. Below we articulated the method in detail. So, go through it and perform the mentioned steps to get the extender setup successful.

Manual Method

This method is the most useable method by the users of Linksys.

  • First, you need to give power access to your extender.

  • Connect both devices host router and Linksys extender.

  • Use the Ethernet cable to make a strong connection between devices.

  • Switch on the computer or laptop.

  • Launch the updated internet browser on the computer.

  • Put the default web address of the Linksys extender into the address bar.

  • Press the Enter key.

  • Now, the Linksys extender login page appears.

  • Fill the default credentials of your extender into the fields.

  • Click on the Log In button.

  • You will see the dashboard of the extender where you will see the on-screen instructions that you need to follow.

Now, the setup has been completed.


Hope you like the article. . If you face any issues and are not able to set up an extender then make sure you follow the all steps properly.

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