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Facing Issues Updating Nextbox Extender Firmware Try This!

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Has updating the firmware of your Nextbox WiFi extender become a thing next to impossible for you? Don’t be sad! It is normal for a user to face problems updating their WiFi devices. All you have to do is address the problem by following the troubleshooting hacks that we’re going to highlight below. Thus, stick to the reading and implement every technique one by one until you don’t get success updating your wireless range extender.

Fixing Issues During Nextbox Extender Firmware Update

  • Restart the Extender

What could be a better start than a restart? We are saying so because it helps in flushing out technical glitches. For your information, a Nextbox WiFi extender being a part of a technical family can fall victim to minor bugs that are capable of creating problems like the one you are facing. Therefore, wasting zero minutes, get up and reach out to your extender. Thereafter, unplug it, let it rest, and re-plug it. Let the lights settle down and try to update the Nextbox firmware again. Any luck? Don’t worry! It was just the first hack. We’ve got a lot for you.

  • Check Internet Status with ISP

You also need to check with your ISP to verify if the internet connection is down from his end. Chances are that he is doing some maintenance from his end due to which you are unable to get the firmware of your Nextbox extender updated successfully. On the off chance what we’re assuming turns out to be a reality, you have no other option than waiting for your ISP to get the issue fixed. However, if there’s no fault from your ISP, then something more needs to be done from your end.

  • Update Your Web Browser

An outdated internet browser might also be the culprit behind the Nextbox extender firmware update failure issue. Keeping this in mind, you should always keep the browser updated. Additionally, the web browser you put to use for the firmware update process of the Nextbox range extender needs to carry zero cache and cookies. Once you repair bugs with the browser, check if you can update your WiFi range extender.

  • Check the Ethernet Connection

Were you not even able to access re.nextbox.home during the firmware update process? Well, that might have happened due to a bad Ethernet connection. Do you know what a bad Ethernet connection is? An Ethernet cable connection is considered bad or weak if it does not suffice the signal transmitting requirements. It can happen due to a damaged Ethernet cable or a weak connection from the end of the ports. Thus, to make things in your favor, consider replacing the Ethernet cable in the first situation. However, if the cable is all well then you are supposed to make the connection strong at the end of the Ethernet ports.

  • Bring Your Extender and Router Closer

Your Nextbox extender firmware update might also be failing due to the immense gap between the router and extender. Do you know that WiFi devices struggle to communicate when they are far from each other? Well, now you know. To fix things, you are suggested to get this distance reduced. So, unplug your Nextbox extender and place it near the host router or vice-versa. It is up to which device you choose to relocate with respect to distance. However, do not make the distance zero. Otherwise, you are doing nothing but creating a platform for another Nextbox extender issue to arise.

  • Upload the Correct Firmware File

In case the firmware file uploaded by you is incorrect, then it can also be a reason behind the firmware update failure of the Nextbox extender. Therefore, we advise you always cross-check the file being uploaded for the extender’s firmware update. This is to inform you that the firmware update file varies from model to model. So, upload the one that belongs to your WiFi extender. Otherwise, you’ll keep facing the issue. Chances are also that your extender will stop working.

Sum Up

That’s all to do if you are unable to update the firmware of your Nextbox range extender. It is highly anticipated that after you give a shot to the instructions highlighted above, there will be nothing that can stop you from doing an extender firmware update via http //re.nextbox.home.

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