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How Communication Skills are Important in Child’s Development

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Communication Skills Definition

Communication is present everywhere and in every activity of our life. The ability to convey or share information and feelings effectively is called a communication skill. It allows individuals to understand others and to be understood themselves.

Significance of Communication Skills

We exchange our ideas and feelings frequently with others, both verbally and over phones and computers. The development of communication skills is a principal feature. Holding a proper communication skill is a primary life skill today. Parents and teachers should teach their kids basic communication skills through various activities like language games, math activities, science experiments, storytelling, literacy activities like tongue twisters for kids, etc. these activities will give a chance to children to enhance their language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Communication skills help children to express themselves effectively and boost their confidence and IQ. It also aids them to develop speaking and writing comprehension.

Examples of Communicative Skills

There are several communication skills that children can learn and practice to help them become effective communicators.

  • Active listening
  • Friendliness
  • Confidence
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Volume and clarity
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Understanding non-verbal cues
  • Responsiveness

Basic Communication Skills a Child Should Know

  • Children need to learn to speak accurately and clearly. Parents need to teach their kids to speak with correct pronunciation and exemplary grammar.
  • Children should be able to establish eye contact with the person they are talking to
  • Parents should teach their children not to interfere in an ongoing conversation. It is to check their behavior and encourage self-control.
  • Parents need to model appropriate listening behavior
  • Parents also teach their children how to enter a conversation politely and how to behave when somebody joins a conversation

How to Improve Communication Skills in Children

  • Have a practice conversation with your child: talk about the situations where your child is most nervous such as while waiting for the bus, sitting with their friends during lunch. Then practice what your child might say. Make a conversation so that your child can think about different scenarios.
  • Be a good model: parents must have good communication skills so that your child can follow you. Be a good speaking model so that you can build powerful speech and language skills in your child.
  • Point out body language: kids who have communication problems may not have proper body language. Parents need to teach their children to show and explain body language.
  • Read with your child: reading is the best way to develop communication skills in kids. It does not matter what you read but read it together. Even if your child chooses the same book every night, don’t worry. Your child will be developing a better understanding of the language and characters in the text.
  • Ask open-ended questions: always pose questions on your child back to back. That will build high language skills. Ask them about Disney Trivia questions that the answers can be a variety of things but not answered in “yes” or “ no”.
  • Repeat words: when your child is young, it is better to repeat the terms often. Because children need to hear sounds and words several times before they start trying to say them.
  • Ask your child’s opinion: communication is all about expressing feelings and thoughts. Ask your child’s opinion about relevant topics. Ask them to talk about daily situations and express their opinion about things.
  • Encourage your child to keep a journal: some children love to talk with other people once they have had a chance to think about their thoughts. Writing in a diary about day-to-day activities will help children form ideas to share with others.
  • Praise your child for talking: this is another best way to encourage children to enhance their communication skills. Compliment your kids when they call something by the correct name or when they use new vocabulary. Parents need to tell them how great they are talking.

Children typically learn best by following their adults. Therefore parents should bestow a good speaking model to their children to help them communicate pleasantly.

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