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How To Draw A Kid – Tell The Mother

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Childhood – time gold. So much new that you need to learn, to experience, to learn. The interest of the child is unlimited. Thousands of “why,” “how,” “why” questions. And well, if parents can help to master such a difficult, but very interesting subject called “life.” Then all the skills, habits, or even mistakes can become a real and rare talent in the future. For example, the artist is talent. And even a child of future genius does not know how to draw a child, and then soon the whole generation can admire the world-famous paintings by great artists!


So, all kids love to draw. They draw what surrounds them – friends, family, animals, and fairy tales characters. And although not all at once, it turns out, you can learn to draw. At least with the assist of easy instructions.

Consider how to draw a child step by step at home. It’s not so difficult as it seems. The main thing – try. So, I was hoping you could sit back and seat me with the babies to show the future hero. Let it grazes on a green lawn and chews the grass.


To start, prepare everything you need: paper, pencil, eraser and colored pencils. Choose high-quality pencils, soft enough. It is very difficult to scratch the paper and leave a mark if you have something to fix the eraser. Softer, easy to use, they are pleased to do the light outline.


First, draw a small oval. This head. Prorisuem main parts: eyes, nose, mouth. Add above the ear and horn. From head, draw two lines a little bit up. This neck. That turned head tilt. We continue from the neckline and get back. Then any instructions on 3d drawing a child usually indicate that the neck and back need to be connected to the oval more than the head. This is the content of the goat future. Now draw the leg. Let’s start from the front. Even slightly bent on the back, outline a straight line and divide approximately in half. It is on the animal’s back leg: a marked middle line – a bent of the legs. No, let the upper part be a little longer. Don’t be scared to obtain a mistake in the method. A set of templates for goats does not exist, but that does not happen. You can quickly remove the eraser or call it “author’s ideas.” By the way, our guide is suitable, and if you do not know how to draw a child from a fairy tale – no big difference.

So drawing back leg, next add another. Dorsum under the nail. The same is done on the front leg. Then add a small ponytail. Prorisuem fur. It’s not as curly as a lamb, but quite thick and slightly curly. And this certainly should be seen in the figure. Below sketch grass and flowers – so the parts will look more and complete. In the process, you can tell a child what goats eat, who their parents are, and that they, like all children, love to play and run. This lesson will teach you how to draw a kid and remain long in the memory. When you have finished drawing in pencil, draw around it along the contour of a black paste and erase the circuit’s eraser. Now you can make it colorful.


Ask your baby to choose the color of the pencil for your pictures. Do not be surprised if he wants to paint the animals are white, and, for example, blue and orange, the grass – pink and sky – purple. It is not necessary to forbid and to say that it is wrong. Children, in their way, perceive the world around us. And often not as we adults. The main thing they learned today is how to draw a kid and will soon be ready to receive information on the rules of use of color. By the way, this figure can be made and paints. The algorithm is the same. Over time, having mastered the basics of drawing, you can do without a pencil. Even someone as comfortable. It’s a concern of inclination and habit.

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