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How to Pick the Right Asbestos Consulting Company

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With so many asbestos consultants providing their services in market, it is not difficult to find one for your renovation or building demolition project. All you need to do is go to Google and look for the best asbestos consulting company, and hundreds of services will show up in the result. But, that is not the right approach. Considering the toxic nature of asbestos, it is important to pick a company for Asbestos consulting and Testing, which fulfills certain criteria. In this article, we have discussed those measures which can be used to find the right asbestos consulting company to respond to potential asbestos contamination and exposure. Before that let’s take a look at what is asbestos and why do we need to be cautious about dealing with it?

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring element which is fibrous. It was used in buildings because of its many qualities such as insulation abilities. However, when the fibers of asbestos enter the air, they can become hazardous for health as they affect lungs and respiratory system. A prolonged exposure to asbestos can lead to serious health issues such as lungs cancer, mesothelioma, and even death as well. Due to its impacts on health, it has been banned in many countries in the world. However, there are old buildings which still contain asbestos. Demolishing those buildings or repairing those building has a risk of asbestos exposure. Therefore, it is critical to conduct an asbestos inspection before carrying out any renovations or demolition.

How does Asbestos Consulting Company help?

A professional, experienced, trained and certified asbestos consultant can provide various services make your buildings safe for living. They can conduct a survey to determine whether a building contains asbestos. If there is risk found in any building they can devise an abatement plan. They also provide asbestos awareness training for employees and occupants to ensure safety.

In some cases, a job of consulting company is only to supervise the abatement project carried out by other asbestos contractor. The consulting company is there to ensure that the work being done complies with plans and specifications, and is carried out according to OSHA and EPA standards. At times asbestos contractors can also draw up your specifications and help in picking the right contractor to carry out the abatement plan while they themselves only supervise the process.

How to Pick the Right Asbestos Consultant?

The safety of people is at risk if the building they live in, or the office they work in, contains asbestos. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to pick the right asbestos consulting company. An experienced and professional company ensures the safety of a building and gives a green signal to live or work in that building. Let’s take a look at the criteria which must be fulfilled.

1. Extensive experience

It is important to hire a consulting company which has sufficient experience in the field as well as other disciplines. Asbestos surveys, and abatement plan can involve a variety of disciplines which might require consultation with constructors, architects, engineers and experts from other disciplines to deal with any circumstances which come their way.

2. Experience in your building type

There is wide range of materials which go into construction of building, asbestos being one of the. The types of materials used in a building are based on the use of a facility. The material used in a hospital is different than material used in a warehouse or a home. Make sure that the consulting company you pick has an experience in the same category as yours.

3. Level of services

There are asbestos consulting companies which deal with private buildings and companies which provide services at a mega scale to public facilities. Based on the type of your building, pick the appropriate services provider.

4. Previous record and testimonials

Any service provider can sing its own songs however it is of paramount importance to assess their previous record of services. You can find a great deal about their services from the feedback of clients and testimonials which appear on the website of consulting company. Pick a firm that is reputable and has a proven track record of satisfied customers.

5. National instead of local facility

If you have buildings in more than one places, and which spread to the lengths and breadths of the whole country, then you might want to pick a consulting company which has service points spread nationwide. It might cost you bit more than the one-point facility, but you won’t have to go through the hassle of researching about company again and again. The name is sufficient for putting your trust in a picked facility. A nationwide service provider can provide consistent services wherever you need them.

Final Words:

ACC Env is a highly reputable asbestos consulting and quality testing company which provides services in a safe, timely, and compliant manner. We offer a wide range of asbestos services for both public and private clients. We deal in all building types and have an extensive experience of more than a decade to ensure safety of buildings.

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