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How to Setup Netgear Router without CD?

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There were times when Netgear used to launch WiFi routers that can be set up with the help of an installation CD. Although some newer models do come with an installation CD, still some users do not have CD players on their PCs or laptops due to which they are unable to set up the router. In case you are also looking for information on how to setup Netgear router without CD, then we’ve got you covered.

Completing the installation process without the use of a CD requires you to access the routerlogin.net address. Refer to the steps given below to install your WiFi router using this approach.

Steps to Setup Netgear Router without CD

  • Create Cable Connections

Right after you unbox your newly purchased WiFi router, consider switching off your modem. It needs to be given some rest. While your modem rests, consider grabbing a LAN cable and joining the ports of your router and modem. The ports that need to be connected are – the LAN port of the modem and the Internet port of the Netgear router. Once done, take another Ethernet cable to connect your WiFi router and the computer. Be very sure that the cables roped in for the process are intact and the connection is finger-tight.

  • Power Up Your WiFi Devices

Once you are done with the connection creation process, consider powering up your WiFi devices. The sequence should be modem > router > computer. Make sure that none of these devices are connected to non-working power outlets. A proper supply of power is a basic requirement for Netgear router setup without CD. Once your devices get powered up, you are supposed to launch an internet browser on the computer and access the Netgear router login   default web or IP address.

  • Accept Terms and Conditions

The moment you key in the web or IP address of your WiFi router, you will get welcomed by the terms and conditions of using the router and its setup wizard. Accept them and click Next. The internet connection will be detected and you will be asked if you want to set up the router on your own or need the Genie’s assistance for the same. Consider selecting the No option as you will get more opportunities to customize the router’s settings in this case. In some cases, you might be asked for the default login credentials of the router at any point in the setup process. So, provide them when prompted to.

Note: The Genie screen will also ask you whether you want to set up the router in the Router mode or AP mode. We suggest you select the Router mode only. Setting up the router in AP mode disables a few functions.

  • Assign the Admin Password

As soon as you are done selecting the mode in which you want to set up the router, you will get welcomed by a screen where you have to enter the new password. Therefore, enter the new password for the router management and answer security questions for future security. Once done, click Next to move to the Firmware Update screen. You must skip the update for now. Thereafter, set the SSID and WiFi password for the router and create your Netgear account using your email ID and password.

Final Thoughts

The instant you create your Netgear account, the setup process of the router without CD enters its final stage and you will be able to see the BASIC Home screen also known as the dashboard of the router. Here, you can see the router’s settings including Parental Controls, WiFi details, Firmware Version, etc.

With that, we are now wrapping up the post focused on revealing how to setup Netgear router via routerlogin URL i.e. without using a CD. It is expected that you will be able to complete the process easily. Thanks for reading the post!

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