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Market Reviews of Rigid Apparel Boxes of Last Couple of Months

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Apparel boxes with logo are an amazing packaging type that many businesses use to promote their brands. There are numerous types of styles and designs available for these packages in the market. This is because of the versatile materials used in their manufacturing. These materials are cardboard stock most of the time. But it is also a good idea to use corrugated materials in this regard due to their low cost and strength. These packages have fascinating graphical artwork that can grab the attention of the customers in no time. Many businesses like to print them with an image that can glorify the persona of the product. Many of these brands like to design a personalized die-cut window on them to enhance their visual appeal. They are easy to manufacture in different shapes, so brands can make them personalized according to the targeted audience.

Apparel boxes with logos are a great blessing for different businesses associated with clothing items. Market trends are changing for clothing products rapidly. So, the need for packaging unique and innovative style of packaging is becoming more intense. Do you want to know what the current trends of these exciting packages are? We can show you the top trending styles of these boxes that are going to leave you wondering.

1.    Matching Style Packages

This is a pretty amazing style of apparel gift boxes that you can hardly find in other types of packages. Clothing brands like to design them with patterns that are identical to the product placed inside. Like the same colors, texture, graphics, and many other elements of design that make them the exact copy of the product inside. Some businesses make another layer of cardboard sheet in the same design as the product has to match the style. This type of packaging is trending these days.

2.    Sleeve Box Design

This style of the boxes has been a popular choice of many clothing businesses for a very long time. They have 2 parts that provide an enhanced experience in opening them. A sleeve that covers a tray or an entire package is customized with the branding information. The inner part is mostly printed with embossing technology to make a lasting impact. They can be manufactured with Kraft materials or cardboard stock. These are the reasons why they are trending these days.

3.    Shoulder Packaging

Well! If we say that this is among the best designs of the packages that businesses choose for their clothing products, it will not be a lie. Many businesses buy these apparel boxes wholesale to reduce their cost and enhance their brand reputation. This is because they are manufactured in a premium manner. They have 3 parts, as one is a tray that is placed inside the base. Lid covers this tray. They provide sleek-looking visuals that many people like. That is why they are trending these days.

4.    Flip-Top Package

This style is pretty common but still pretty popular because of its simplicity. It is easy to open and close these packages that make them a pretty satisfying and convenient choice for the customers. They may have magnetic closure on the lid to enhance their sealing ability. Many businesses like to design them with different illustrations to enhance their aesthetics. Rigid cardboard is mostly used in their manufacturing. That means they are an exceptional choice for protection purposes. Many brands prefer to laminate them with a matte sheet that enhances their premium nature. These are the reasons why they are trending these days.

5.    Slipcase Style

This is mostly confused with the sleeve packaging. But these types of custom luxury boxes are quite different. They have a dedicated handle to slide the inner tray out. They are manufactured with highly rigid cardboard that has enhanced thickness. Due to this, they provide great protection to the item inside. Not just this, they show the luxurious nature of the brand as well. Many people find it difficult to open different packaging types. But they are quite easy in this regard. When printed with fascinating graphics, their visual appeal increases pretty much. That is the reason why they have become very popular these days.

6.    Window Box Design

This design is quite famous in every industry. In the same way, these packages with creative die-cut windows are popular among clothing brands as well. This is because this window can provide a great presentation of the item placed inside. There are many ways of personalizing the shape of this window. So, businesses can easily personalize them according to different events in the life of the target customers. Like a haunted shape for Halloween, a tree for Christmas, or egg shape for Easter, etc. Personalizing the product with the customer is essential for getting success in the clothing industry. That is a good reason why they are trending these days.

7.    Inner Surprise Packaging

No one can deny that people like to have surprises. These custom apparel boxes are great in this regard. This is because they are simple from the outside but have amazing graphics printed inside. They contain information printed inside as well. Some brands prefer the plain color of their choice to be printed inside. In contrast, others choose adorable artwork or images to be printed inside. This thing gives surprise to the customers in an exciting manner. That is why they are pretty popular in the last two months.

Luxury apparel boxes have no match when we compare them with other types of packaging. They are a great element that helps in making the brands successful in this era of fierce competition. Different styles of these packages are available in the market these days. We have added some popular ones for your information. These packages have been getting high ratings for the last two months.

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