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Radon Testing Atlanta TexInspec Home Inspection

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Two Most Dangerous Threats to your House!

Do you know why Radon testing North Richland Hills is the hot topic in the town?

Because this is considered the most noticeable threat as it was recently discovered due to a situation that shook everyone to the core. Many nonsmokers in America developed lung cancer and when the reason behind this was inquired, it was revealed that even when they do not smoke, they are still exposed to a toxic gas called radon. How did they get exposed to it? The answer was simple yet terrifying! Our very own houses.

After the researches conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency US, it was revealed that radon gas, symbolized by Rn is found everywhere around us. If such a threat is found everywhere, how is it a threat? Why is it just found out now? Has it always been a problem?

A recent study from EPA revealed that around 21000 Americans lose their lives every year due to prolonged exposure to radon hence it is very important to control this issue.

How is radon produced?

Radon is an inert noble gas produced due to the decomposition of uranium in the earth and then released into the air. It does not have any color, any smell or any taste hence detecting it is not easy. Trace amounts of radon are present in the air around us and we are inhaling it right now as well.

When radon becomes an issue?

As radon is an inert gas, it cannot be detected or traced. It enters the house through cracks in the walls, floors, doors, and windows. Due to poor ventilation, it stays in the house, and because of its higher tendency to get entrapped in the house, this way the amount of radon inside the house gets higher. Radon becomes a serious problem when the amount of radon inside the house becomes higher than the amount of radon present outside the house.

Why is it not a problem outside?

Radon is not a problem outside your house because the air outside your house is very dilute and it has many other components mixed with that as well. In our house, all other components are not in that amount plus the nature of radon to get accumulated in the space where there is no good ventilation causes the amount of this gas to increase inside the house as well.

How can we prevent an increased amount of radon inside our house?

Proper ventilation is the answer to this problem and if your house will not have a proper ventilation system where there is no suffocation and the flow of air is continuous, this issue cannot be resolved this way. An artificial system is also introduced to get rid of high amounts of radon which is called a radon mitigation system.

How to install a radon mitigation system?

This is something that an owner of the house cannot do himself. To place a mitigation system in your house, first, you need to make sure that you have calculated the amount of radon present inside your house.

How to calculate the amount of radon inside your house?

To do this, many do-it-yourself options are available in the market but getting help from an experienced professional is always recommended. They can come to your house, inspect the amount of radon present inside your house and if needed, install a radon mitigation system inside your house.

When to install a radon mitigation system?

If a professional home inspector visits your house and informs you that the amount of radon present inside your house is more than 4 pCi/l, this is when you know that these are dangerous quantities and a mitigation system needs to be installed as soon as possible so that your problem can be fixed.

Utilizing this solution will help you in keeping yourself and your family safe from the bad effects of radon on the respiratory health of humans.


Now moving onto another very serious issue when it comes to the major problems hidden inside our house is wood-destroying insects.

What are wood-destroying insects?

Wood destroying insects are the ones that reside in the wooden structures of your house and eat them. These include wood-destroying beetles, wood destroying ants, and the most commonly found, TERMITES!

Termites are the hidden culprits and they might look very small but they are the reason behind a major dent in the pockets of the owners of the house.

Generally, we cannot see termites and they live hidden under our noses and they take many years to strike us with proper destruction hence it is important to look for the symptoms of their presence because if we will not be cautious, they can destroy the wooden structure of the house completely and get rid of this problem, thousands of dollars are needed to be spent hence to avoid this kind of an expenditure, we need to take all the necessary safety steps.

How can we get rid of wood-destroying insects?

The presence of termites inside your home can be fixed only in ways that might cause discomfort to your family as well. It is always better to be safe than sorry hence we can surely say that if we spend money on prevention and precaution, the amount that would be spent on repairs which are not a smaller one, can be avoided.

The answer to detect this issue is Termite Inspection. Dallas Tx is a state where you can find many options when it comes to inspections but as we now realize that issues like these are very sensitive and so much is at stake hence the decision should be made very wisely to select someone who will help you in getting rid of all these issues with honesty.


We would always recommend you to spend on maintenance rather than repairs because, in repairs, more money and time will be spent. Your family might need to move out as well so it is always better to keep a check on all the issues present in the house, not just these two to live a happy, safe, and stress-free life in your beautiful house.

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