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Resolving Most Common Issues with Amped Wireless Extenders

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Every problem comes with the solution”-states a quote. The same is the case with the Amped extender issues. Millions of Amped users start thinking of replacing their WiFi extenders due to not finding an appropriate solution for the issue they are facing with the device. Are you also thinking the same? Well, wait and read this post.

You might change your decision after giving a shot to the Amped wireless extender troubleshooting hacks given in this post. Continue reading.

Amped Issues and Their Solutions

Issue 1: Amped extender keeps going offline.

Solution: Your Amped WiFi range extender might be going offline due to numerous reasons. However, knowing them will help you bid adieu to the issue with ease. Given below are the reasons that force your Amped WiFi extender to go offline.

  • Your Amped device is not within the range of the host AP.

  • There might be some maintenance happening at the end of your Internet Service Provider.

  • Your Amped extender might be plugged into a short-circuited wall socket.

  • WiFi interference is putting an adverse effect on your Amped range extender.

  • The firmware of your extender has not been updated for a while.

So, check out all these reasons and take suitable action. Once done, verify whether the extender is still going offline.

Issue 2: Amped extender password not working.

Solution: The Amped wireless setup password not working issue arises due to the wrong entrée of the password. Chances are that you committed a typo. Or, you entered the username in the field of the password or vice-versa. Additionally, an outdated web browser can also result in the Amped extender password not working problem.

So, rectify your mistakes by upgrading the internet browser and entering the correct password for your Amped device. Also, remember that passwords are case-sensitive. Thus, capitalize alphabets when required.

Issue 3: Amped range extender keeps dropping WiFi connection.

Solution: It is the most common issue faced by Amped users. You can fix it by implementing the tips given below:

  • Connect your Amped extender to the host router using a non-damaged network cable (RJ45).

  • Place your Amped range extender away from the reach of reflexive surfaces, metal objects, devices emitting electromagnetic waves, and objects carrying a large amount of water.

  • Get the firmware of your Amped WiFi range extender updated.

  • Consider rebooting your Amped extender on a regular basis.

  • Avoid overheating of your WiFi extender.

Issue 4: Amped extender IP address conflict issue.

Solution: IP address conflicts are common to face when two devices in the home network have the same IP address. Got an idea why you are facing the Amped wireless IP address conflict issue? No? Let’s be more specific.

The issue might have occurred due to the same IP addresses of your Amped wireless extender and the host router. Thus, consider changing the IP address of any of these devices.

Issue 5: Amped extender denied to work after firmware update.

Solution: Firmware updates gift new security features to your Amped WiFi extender. Not only this, but they also fixe minor bugs and errors. However, it can be a pain in the head if the firmware update itself becomes an issue.

The main reason behind the problem is the uploading of the wrong firmware file. To resolve it, reset your Amped extender and set it up via setup.ampedwireless.com from scratch. Doing so will surely help you out.

Final Words

It is quite common to face issues with an Amped wireless range extender Putting a full stop to the post with the hope that the troubleshooting techniques discussed here will help you get rid of the problem and you’ll have a wonderful journey with your Amped extender in the future.

If any of the tips discussed here has worked for you, do share your feedback in the comment box. Thanks for reading the article.

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