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How To Draw A Soccer Ball? Useful Hints With Step By Step

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How To Draw A Soccer Ball? Useful Hints

Parents of students often have to show great intelligence and imagination to help their children with their homework, amateur, and other extracurricular activities. From moms and dads should have the ability to sew costumes, solve puzzles, do all sorts of crafts and paint better than graduates of art schools. Sometimes children put forward needs to be baffled. For example, parents have to learn how to draw a soccer ball. It’s a simple thing, but it has to be done gradually.


This work can handle even the students and parents, and it is on the shoulders even more so. So, let’s learn how to draw a soccer ball on the stage. To begin to draw a perfect circle. This can be done with a compass or imagine an old-school way and thread to tie a pencil. Attach the end of a needle or button to the sheet, pull, draw a curve line by turning around a thread axis.

The second stage of this master class is somewhat more complex and requires skill. We need to select the center of the circle and then draw the center of a regular pentagon. We note that football consists of black and white identical sections. The size of the pentagon should be approximately 1 \ 8 the size of the circle itself. So draw a geometric figure using a ruler. In the future, for more accurate builds, we will also need a protractor. We take this in hand and proceed to the next stage of the master class.

Now we need to do the other next to the first section. For this purpose, each side is measured from an angle of 135 degrees and mark the point on the sheet. We draw a line drawing from the corner to this point. As is clear, we are told how to draw a soccer ball with a pencil. Using the tool is the easiest way to work because the incorrectly held line can easily erase. So, after a line is drawn from all five corners, it is necessary to measure these segments of the same length as the sides of our pentagon.

Now we have three sides of the new section of future goals. They are hexagonal, etc., just producing a mirror image of existing parts. As a result, we have six teams. And from them to continue the similar framework following the hexagons until on the border circle.


Now we have to fix released across the line by using the eraser. After that, you should paint our ball. Make the central pentagon black and surrounding the white leave section. But in the third row, they alternate colors.


So our cool drawing is ready. Now that you know how to draw a soccer ball. Her picture can be decorated school newspaper on the wall, a poster for the holidays, or just any image. At the same time, you can teach your child the basics of drawing in a simple and accessible way. Well, to show off to other parents, not everyone knows how to draw a soccer ball correctly and accurately.

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